Genome analysis of peeling archival cytology samples detects driver mutations in lung cancer
Kei Kunimasa, Yosuke Hirotsu, Kenji Amemiya, Yuki Nagakubo, Taichiro Goto, Yoshihiro Miyashita, Yumiko Kakizaki, Toshiharu Tsutsui, Sotaro Otake, Hiroaki Kobayashi, Rumi Higuchi, Kie Inomata, Takashi Kumagai, Hitoshi Mochizuki, Harumi Nakamura, Shin-Ichi

"Archival cytology sample with adequate tumor cells can yield genetic information compared to the primary tumors. If tumor tissue samples are unavailable, we can use archival cytology samples to search for actionable driver mutations."

Cancer Med. 2020 Apr 29.

All-trans retinoic acid reduces cancer stem cell-like cell-mediated resistance to gefitinib in NSCLC adenocarcinoma cells
Wenxiu Yao, Liyang Wang, Huan Huang, Xin Li, Pinjia Wang, Kun Mi, Jia Cheng, Huifen Liu, Cuirong Gu, Lingxiao Huang & Jianming Huang

"Our findings suggest that combination treatment with ATRA prevents gefitinib-induced enrichment of
ALDH1A1bright/CD44high CSCs and enhances gefitinib-induced growth inhibition of NSCLC/ADC cells."

BMC Cancer. 2020 Apr 15;20(1):315. 

Detection and comparison of EGFR mutations from supernatants that contain cell-free DNA and cell pellets from FNA non–small cell lung cancer specimens
Wei Wu ; Yan Huang; Junhong Guo; Xiaofeng Xie; Hui Li; Ziyang Cao; Haiting Wei; and Chunyan Wu

"Discarded supernatants provided an adequate amount of cell-free DNA for EGFR detection, and this means
that the pellets can be reserved for additional morphological and molecular analyses or to avoid repeat biopsies. Analyzing the EGFR status in cell supernatants and pellets might improve detection sensitivity and confer benefits to patients."

Cancer Cytopathol. 2020 Apr 14. 

Continual Improvement of the Reliability of EML4-ALK Rearrangement Detection in Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Long-Term Comparison of ALK Detection in China
Rongxue Peng, Rui Zhang, Jiawei Zhang, Ping Tan, Yanxi Han, Kuo Zhang, Guigao Lin, Jiehong Xie, Jinming Li

"The data demonstrated that the performance of individual Chinese laboratories for EML4-ALK testing continuously improved over time by participating PT schemes,
regardless of their method. However, care must be taken in standardized operations and validations."

J Mol Diagn.2020 Jul;22(7):876-884. 

Wild-Type IDH1 and Mutant IDH1 Opposingly Regulate Podoplanin Expression in Glioma
Chao Sun, Liming Xiao, Yuanlin Zhao, Jiankuan Shi, Yuan Yuan, Yu Gu, Feng Zhang, Xing Gao, Ying Yang, Risheng Yang, Junhui Qin, Jin Zhang, Chao Wang, Yingmei Wang, Zhe Wang, Peizhen Hu, Ting Chang, Liang Wang, Gang Wang, Huangtao Chen, Zhuyi Li, Jing Ye

our results indicated that wild-type and mutant IDH1 opposingly controlled the Pdpn expression in glioma by regulating its promoter methylation, which provides a basis for understanding the relationship between wild-type and mutant IDH1 in epigenetic regulation and tumorigenesis.

Transl Oncol. 2020 Apr;13(4):100758. 

Inactivation of the prolyl isomerase Pin1 sensitizes BRCA1-proficient breast cancer to PARP inhibition
Man-Li Luo, Fang Zheng, Wenying Chen, Zhi-Mei Liang, Gurushankar Chandramouly, Jianan Tan, Nicholas A Willis, Chun-Hau Chen, Mateus de Oliveira Taveira, Xiao Zhen Zhou, Kun Ping Lu, Ralph Scully, Gerburg M. Wulf and Hai Hu

Pin1 inhibition with clinical widely used ATRA acts as an effective HR disrupter that sensitizes BRCA1-proficient tumors to PARP inhibition.

Cancer Res. 2020 Mar 19. pii: canres.2739.2019.